Qualify Times


Competitive swimmers have to begin somewhere on their journey to the world of "elite swimming".

Level 3 is the "beginner phase" of competitive swimming with Level 2 a slightly faster pace and Level 1 being even faster.
All or most competitive swimmers will be placed in levels of swimming based on their times acheived at official meets for events entered into and so forth.
Each level does require a swimmer to reach a particular time for an event in order to progress to the next level.

For example your child may currently be swimming 120.03s for 100 freestyle at Level 2.
To qualify for a Level 1 meet your child will need to achieve a time of 107.00s or better, keeping in mind the childs gender and age.
Once Division 2 is achieved the possibilities are endless.

Please take some time to browse through documents  "Auckland Level 1 & 2 Qualifying" to see what times your child will need to achieve.these Levels..